Stretch marks removal in Delhi, best medication at low cost

Stretch marks removal in Delhi, best medication at low cost, pros and cons of the therapy

Stretch marks removal in Delhi is well known as removal of stretch marks by laser therapy. The most common types of skin imperfections are areas where the skin has stretched. This is known as stretch marks, the two types of areas are white and Red. where mature and older stretch marks are white and silver, They often purple and red also.

When the stretch marks area reddens, here the laser therapy works to decrease the inflammation. Once this happens, a new skin immerges.
Women who are pregnant are likely to develop these narrow stripes in the front of her abdomen Whereas adolescent males and females also sometimes develop the skin lesions during puberty.
The thighs and stomach and abdomen are the most likely areas for maturing young adults.
These marks do not cause any health issues, they can be a cosmetic concern for some.
Many women will get them sometime after their sixth or seventh month of pregnancy, according to the Dermatologist.
Stretch marks removal in Delhi, best medication at low cost


There are many people who have this question that am I suitable for the therapy or not ideal candidates have a fair complexion and light skin tone or olive or slightly darker skin tones.

Patients who have very dark or black skin are not good candidates for this procedure

Stretch marks differ from person to person, so there is no set treatment rule. Treatments are always customized for individual patients.


New stretch marks appear as lifted red lines. For this, we use the Excel V laser to focus on the blood vessels. The more extensive redness and pigmentation have the best chance of improvement.
Over time, after six months to two years, the markings fade to thinner. White stretch marks are notorious for being hard to improve. Whereas, If you have a thicker stretched area, the laser can help with thinning. And, a depressed marking can from time to time reduce.
Excel V laser is a great way to have healthy, beautiful, and smooth skin. The procedure is successful by minimizing the appearance of the stretched skin imperfection. Laser removal provides better results over other treatments of stretch marks removal.
Stretch marks removal in Delhi, best medication at low cost


No, it’s not that much hurt most patients state they feel a slight stinging sensation. This happens as the pulsations of energy work on the skin through the laser. Some patients choose a topical anesthetic.
But there is no pain medicine or local anesthesia is required.


As per your requirement, Stretch marks removal in Delhi, we can then determine how many sessions you may need. Laser treatment is highly effective in most cases. As with any other technique, success is dependent on the patient and the age of the stretch marks. Older and more serious cases are more challenging to treat.

What is the recovery time?

Most patients show improvements within a few weeks. Final results may take some time like few months. Patients generally need 2 to 4 months 1 to 2 months apart.

What are the side effects:

Like any medication it has also some side effects may include slight swelling and reddening of the skin. Infrequently,  patients experience slight bruising.
Immediately after treatment, the area may be tender and red. The reason for this is the laser removes layers of the damaged skin making way for the new, healthy and smooth skin.
Side effects are not permanent.
Most patients experience no downtime. 

THE BENEFITS of Laser stretch marks removal:

  1. Smoother and better-looking skin without any medical surgery.
  2. Recovery is fast.
  3. Improved skin appearance
  4. Comfortable and quick treatment sessions
  5. Minimal side effects of treatment.
  6. FDA-approved procedure

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