Stretch Marks Treatment in Dehradun, Best clinic, Cost, Benefits

Stretch Marks Treatment in Dehradun, Best clinic, Cost, Benefits

Stretch Marks Treatment in Dehradun, a stretch mark is a type of scar that develops when our skin stretches or shrinks quickly.

The abrupt change causes the collagen and elastin, Which support our skin, to rupture. As the skin heals, Stretch marks may appear.


Stretch marks are typically diagnosed based on an examination of your skin and a review of your medical history and health condition.

If your doctor suspects an increase in your cortisol production, he or she may recommend additional tests.


You may not like how stretch marks make your skin look, but they do not require medical treatment. They are harmless and often fade over time.

The following treatments are among those available to help improve the appearance and texture of your stretch marks.

None has been proved to be more consistently successful than the others.

When to seek a dermatologist’s expertise:

Stretch mark treatments that you can buy at a store or online can be expensive to get the best and a long lasting result you should go for laser treatment in Delhi.

If you find yourself spending a lot of time and money without getting any results, seeing a board-certified dermatologist can be helpful for you.

The in-office procedures have proven more effective than the creams, lotions, and gels, cause they are not permanent.

Dermatologists can also tell you about any new product or procedure that may help.

Procedures that dermatologists perform:

Dermatologists in Dehradun use the following procedures to make stretch marks less noticeable, but none of these can get rid of stretch marks:

  • Chemical peel
  • Laser therapy
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Radiofrequency
  • Ultrasound

To give you the best results, your dermatologist may use more than one procedure. such as, your dermatologist may treat you with radiofrequency and a pulse dye laser.

With all procedures, side effects are possible. In the skilled hands of a board-certified dermatologist, side effects tend to be minor and temporary or not life-threatening.

It is common to have some redness and swelling after a procedure. The redness and swelling tend to disappear in a few hours or days.

A dermatologist can tell you if any of these treatments would be suitable for you, given your health, age, and how long you’ve had the stretch marks.

Work with your doctor to choose the most appropriate treatment or combination of treatments for you. Factors to consider include:

How long you have had the stretch marks

Your skin type.

Convenience, as some therapies require repeated doctor visits.

Cost, as treatments to improve appearance (cosmetic therapies), often are not covered by medical insurance

Your expectations.

Stretch Marks Treatment in Dehradun, Best clinic, Cost, Benefits

Laser Stretch Mark Removal Process:

It is also important for men and women to understand what they’ll experience during the laser stretch mark removal process.

Each session will take between fifteen minutes and an hour, depending upon the extent of the skin damage.

Each pulse of the laser is said to feel like you’re being “popped” with a rubber band; a stinging, burning feeling.

What is worse is that the typical person will need five to ten sessions (of half an hour to an hour) of laser treatment in order to achieve the desired results.

Laser treatments are often performed by certified laser technicians at medical spas or businesses that specialize in Laser hair removal in Dehradun.

The treatment can also be given by dermatology professionals, too.

Laser-based treatments are effective practically anywhere on the body.

Depending on the age and severity of the condition lasers can get rid of stretch marks on breasts, stretch marks on buttocks, stretch marks on thighs, and marks that have popped up anywhere on the skin.

Preparing for your appointment:

If you seek treatment for Stretch marks removal in Dehradun, prepare for your appointment by listing some basic questions to ask your doctor, including:

  1. What is likely causing my stretch marks?
  2. Other than the most likely cause, what are other possible causes for my symptoms?
  3. What are my treatment options and the pros and cons of each?
  4. What results can I expect?

Your doctor is likely to ask you several questions, such as:

  1. When did you first notice the stretch marks?
  2. Do you have other symptoms?
  3. What medications are you taking?
  4. Do you regularly use cortisone skin creams?

How Much Does Laser Stretch Mark Removal Cost?

The cost of laser stretch mark removal in Dehradun can differ depending upon several things, including the doctor you visit, the number of sessions required, the extent of the skin damage and more.

Laser treatment is simply not an option for many who can not afford the cost of the sessions.

Costs vary wildly depending on where you go to get the treatments.

How many treatments will be necessary to fully fade your stretch marks and numerous other factors.

What Side Effects Are Possible?

Another thing individuals should consider before making a decision is side effects that may be experienced with laser stretch mark removal.

After treatments, individuals can expect pain, swelling, and irritation.

In some cases, individuals will experience bruising, blistering and skin discoloration.

However, clinically proven stretch mark creams will likely have no side effects.

While many individuals are willing to suffer from the side effects in order to see their stretch marks removed, many others are not, and for those, creams may work best.

Added Requirements of Laser Stretch Mark Removal:

What many people do not know is that during the laser stretch mark removal process.

Most doctors will also suggest microdermabrasion, Which is a process that peels layers of the skin away.

Adding the costs and side effects of the microdermabrasion can easily make laser stretch mark removal impossible for some.

However, there are clinically proven stretch mark removal creams that do the job easily and without the high cost and side effects.

Overall, it is important to assess the risks and costs of each type of stretch mark removal treatment before choosing one over the other.

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