Moles Removal in Dehradun, Procedure, Cost, Benefits

Moles Removal in Dehradun, Procedure, Cost, Benefits

Moles that are common skin growths mostly do not pose any harm and treatment is not necessary, but sometimes it can be dangerous to have cancerous moles.

Moles appear either right from the birth or may also develop later in the life at any age.

They can appear due to exposure to sun and become atypical or dysplastic moles.

Moles are pigmented cell clusters appearing as dark small spots on the skin in varying sizes.

Some moles can also appear due to heredity and can be atypical/ dysplastic and may have a greater risk of a melanoma. They can appear on the face and anywhere on the body.

There may arise some atypical skin moles that are quite common with irregular borders.

Moles may require removal if they pose cancer risk or may bother someone due to aesthetic reasons.

Your physician in Dehradun may take a sample of the mole tissue for biopsy to check whether it is benign or malignant.

The removal of moles may involve the process of electrodesiccation and curettage, surgical excision, shaving, removal with laser treatment, freezing or cryosurgery, punch biopsy technique and with home remedies.

Who is eligible for the treatment? 

Anybody with an unwanted mole or a precancerous or malignant mole is eligible for the treatment.

Are there any side effects?

Most moles which are non-cancerous, or do not grow too much or do not bother the person but it looks bad, do not require mole removal treatment.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

Removal of mole comes with certain side effects like infection, anesthetic allergy, sometimes nerve damage and a scar on the removed mole site.

What is the cost of the treatment in India?

If the mole removal is done by curette, then it will take about 14 days to heal completely.

If there are stitches about two to four weeks are required for complete healing and if the treatment is done by freezing the mole, it takes about 10 days to fall off and recover.

Moles Removal in Dehradun, Procedure, Cost, Benefits

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

The cost of mole removal will depend on many factors inclusive of consultation, medication, and surgery.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

Yes, the results are permanent for that particular site but can appear on another site later.

Advantages of Laser Moles Treatment in Dehradun:

The moles can be removed by using one of the various methods available for the same.

These can be the methods used to remove moles at home and the ones used to remove them at the clinic.

There are a considerable amount of techniques that are a part of the clinical methods. Laser mole removal is, however, one of the most preferred and best amongst them.

The ability of the laser to penetrate through various things is made use of, in removing the moles.

The laser beam, however, is not able to penetrate much into the skin.

This approach is thus used to remove moles that are flat and smaller in size. It is not possible to remove bigger moles using this procedure.

The first thing done by the laser beam is the sealing of the blood vessels.

It then causes the vaporization of the skin tissues. There is no bleeding caused due to the sealing of the blood vessels.

The fragmentation of the darker pigments on the skin takes place in this process.

The smaller fragments can then be absorbed by the skin thus making them lighter and invisible.

This procedure may or may not be carried out under local anesthesia. It is the doctor who recommends this depending upon the size of the mole.

In the majority of the cases, there is no anesthesia given. This is because this process does not result in severe pain or not that much hurt.

A stinging sensation or the one that is felt on being snapped by a rubber band is usually experienced and its normal.

There are very little chances of a scar being left by the use of this procedure.

However proper post care needs to be taken, that is important. A scab is formed in the area where the mole was located after the treatment.

This area should not be directly exposed to the sun for a few weeks. In order to prevent any kind of infection, it should also not be scratched.

The laser method of mole removal is considered as one of the best options to remove the moles that exist on the face or body.

It is considered to be one of the most efficient ways to remove moles.

Some of the best things about this method are that it does not cause bleeding and it is not even much painful.


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Your dermatologist in Dehradun can help you identify the best-suited treatment and work with you to develop an appropriate treatment plan.