This article is best for those who apply make up regularly, keeping all cosmetics in one place can be a hassle. It is very important to keep the makeup organized and at one place so that it is easily accessible when needed. It is for this purpose that a makeup kit comes in handy. A makeup kit is one which stores all your make up in one place so that it is handy and does not get lost.

Maybelline is one of the world’s leading brands in cosmetic products. It is a French cosmetic brand that is owned by L’Oreal. Their tagline reads: “Maybe she’s born with it, May be its Maybelline”. I also prefer this brand because it is best and gives you perfect look it will not burn your pocket and you can buy Maybelline products at lower price we bring to you  a makeup kit that contains all your makeup requirements in one place. It contains various makeup products that you will need for a complete look. The kit is called the Maybelline Makeup Kit.

The following list includes the top makeup essentials that comes in this makeup kit, as well as the prices of each product that you would find in this Maybelline complete makeup kiT.


This beauty cream is best gives you even skin toone, with glowing skin, and also hide your dark spots and blemishes. If you want your daily look the best prefer this cream. It comes with three shades.


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Eye shadow:


Many girls love eyeshade, if you are going to office or college or in a day party you can wear these nude shade to enhance your beauty.

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This mascara will give you dark and voluminous eye lash, stays for a long time, water proof and give you barbie like lashes, if you are teen or college going girl you will love it.

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Eye Liner:


No makeup can complete without eye liner, liner can give you diva look, there are lot of eyeliner styles that you can wear with this liner.


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This kajal is best to have, waterproof, super dark and smooth.

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This is the peach blush that give you the best look in this spring, peach is the new fashion of this year.

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Love to play with lipstick, you can wear this awesome shade that suits on every skin tone and give you glamorous look, it is not costly and stays for long time.

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Glossy lipstick:


As fashion guru’s says that this is the glossy year, if you love your lips glossy you will love its texture and the color.

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Glitter.. is the new fashion of the time…enhance your beauty with it.

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Nail polish:


If you want to paint your nails everyday, you should paint it the best with these nail paints it also contains some more exotic will love it for sure.


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