Many girls don;t want that shimmery or smokey or heavy makeup all the time some girls love no make look, means natural make up as I am, we want to do our makeup and look as flawless as possible, but without it looking like we’re wearing makeup! You know, that natural, effortless look? Yes here I am talking about the ever-so-popular no makeup look. Here’s a list of amazing makeup products to help you ace that look and charm everyone

This satiny touch, oil-free primer makes for a perfect pre-makeup product. It visibly reduces fine lines and open pores as well as leaves the skin smooth and supple. With this one well absorbed in your skin, you’re all set to apply your foundation and different make up products.

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this has got to be your go-to makeup product. It provides medium coverage its not too heavy, blends easily and gives the face a nude glow. It’s perfect for the times you want to look fresh and not made up.

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Blemish concealer:

Dab on some of this concealer on any acne marks, dark circles and any other blemishes for an even-toned finish and you will find your skin clear and spotless. Its creamy texture makes it blend easily and also moisturizes the skin for a flawless look that doesn’t look made up.

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Loose Powder:

Whether you go for heavy or light, bold or subtle makeup, This powder that comes in different shades, sets the makeup beautifully and gives a natural, even-toned finish to the face. You will be glad you spent your monies on this and it is not the bad deal for you.

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BB cream:

A BB cream is a great alternative to heavy foundations and consider so much from girls these days, when you’re aiming for a light, natural look. This one is enriched with the goodness of jojoba, Vitamin E and shea butter to hydrate the skin to the fullest and is the perfect product if you don’t have the time to use a primer, foundation and powder and a long makeup procedure. This works like magic and gives you flawless, glowing skin.

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That slight hint of blush on the face will make this look oh-so-gorgeous. This product, in particular, will give a natural flushed look to the cheeks and it won’t strip your skin of its moisture either. A little bit of this on your forehead and chin too will have you all set to rock the no makeup look and give you perfect day out look, you can wear this at college and also to your office.

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Eyebrow pencil:

Defined eyebrows can lift the face right up and highlighted eyebrows are the new fashion. It gives definition to your entire face, and that’s something you should want with your minimal makeup look. This double shaded one is a good buy – you can match any of the two with the color of your brows.

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Nude lipstick:

If it is an out-and-out nude look that you’re looking to go for, this shade by coloressence that make your day perfect. The hint of a sheen in this one adds the right kind of glow on the lips too. Ready to pout with this one nude shade?

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