We girls are always on the lookout for the next best hair care product. The good thing about hair care is that it doesn’t have to be expensive to be good if you have some knowledge about the best hair product it is easy for you to get the best hair treatment in budget , We are here with the best products under 500 rs these products will help you to nourish your hair and give you the best hair.

Almond oil:


Almond oil is best for your hair as you all know it nourishes your hair very well,  If you want longer, stronger and silkier hair, use almond oil before sleeping and wash off in the morning. This tried and tested lightweight oil is for everyone who loves a good champi


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Growth Therapeutic Oil For Falling Hair:


If you are fed up with the hair fall and no brand or therapy help you here is the solution for hair fall. This oil is perfect to regain your hair. It strengthens your hair and also promotes hair growth. All you need to go is massage it into your scalp and wash off after one hour you should do this remedy once in a week.



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Hot Oil:


Hot oil works to nourish your damage hair, if your is damage it will never look beautiful and smooth for that you should use hot oil for dry and damage hair, Just put this unopened tube of oil in hot water, take it out after one minute and massage into your hair.



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Herbal Shampoo:


All your need for the best hair is shampoo, and herbal shampoo is best for your hair, this herbal hair cleanser is no different! It cleans your hair effectively and gently. The best part about it is that it free of sulfates, and therefore absolutely safe for your hair.




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Dry Shampoo:

This is specially for lazy girls, and if you are a working ready and you don’t have much time to shampoo your hair daily it will help you alot. Just use it before you head out for instantly fresh and non-greasy locks.


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Hair Colour Protect Shampoo:

There is a fashion of colored hair and most of the girls applying it but did you know colored hair need more care, This shampoo will take care of your colored hair very well.



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Bioactive extract of Amla, Shiakaki & Lemon, Intensive conditioning to dry, frizzy or damaged hair, Keeps hair tangle free, manageable & lustrous for All Hair type.


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Hair Serum:


We’re just as shocked as you are about how affordable this professional hair serum is! And not only is it cheap, it also works really, really well! It makes your hair glossier in seconds – all you need is a coin-sized amount.



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Silk serum:


Silky hair looks beautiful and silky and straight hair is the new fashion, This serum works for all types of hair, be it straight, curly or wavy! It’s known for making your hair silkier and softer, and detangles it to prevent breakage.



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Hair Mask:


This finishing hair mask, provides your hair with shine and vitality, filled as it is with active ingredients,  Apply it at the ends of your hair to take care of split ends and roughness this is the best and affordable hair mask for the beautiful hair.



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Aloe Vera Conditioner:


Aloe vera is a miracle plant of sorts. It works wonders for skin and hair. This conditioner will restore the health of your hair effortlessly and soften it. This aloe vera conditioner will rseolve all your hair problem.


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