There are a few dresses that are super comfy to wear, lounge in and dance in and super sexy to look at. Because not everyone can wear a fitted dress that’s going to hug your body from everywhere So here are  some sexy and hot dresses that will make you look o

One shoulder dress:


A lovely lavender one shoulder dress will make you look super sexy. The skater style skirt and the bell sleeve add to the comfortable vibe of this dress. Wear it with your hair in a messy bun for a flirty appeal or just leave your hair like this.




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Maxi dress:


This maxi dress is sure to look great on you when you are in a mood to wear something feminine and flirty. Pair these with a chic pair of brown booties, add a choker and style your hair in beautiful beachy waves.



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Black is sexy:


Really, nothing is sexier than a black dress that’s airy, has a loose fit and will go from the beach to the bar adn for the house party. You can add a choker, some midi rings and keep your hair loose for a perfect look like this.



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Red Love:

A midi dress with net look stylish. The shift dress silhouette is comfortable yet stylish, pair it with sneakers and a choker and look beautiful.



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Off shoulder:


This left off shoulder top will give you sexy and bold look, have blue and black jeans that compliments it very well.


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Peach is the trend:




The cold shoulder trend is one of your fave trends,. This peach dress will look gorgeous for a brunch date. Throw on a waterfall jacket and some silver jewellery to make your look fab.




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Denim dress:


Denims are something that can be worn every season and can be styled in different ways. They look casual and cool yet have a hint of sexiness. Pair this with a long shrug for the day and sans it for the night. Add some colour to your outfit by mixing it with colourful block heels to go along.



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Wrap dress:


A wrap dress is the evergreen definition of equal parts comfort and sexy this dress is for every girl who wants to flaunt major style without having to show any skin. It’s a flattering style that gives an hourglass effect to your body, making it a total must-have



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Backless dress:


If you’re shy and don’t want to show off your midriff or wear a deep neck top, try this criss-cross back that shows off just the right amount of skin to make you look like a diva. The fit and flare cut of this dress will keep you comfy while looking on point.



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Cut dress:


A sweater dress will make you feel so snug and this one with super cool slits and cutouts will bring an edgy vibe to your style. Pair these with black wedge heels or sneakers to look super chic.



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