Every girl want to look fashionable, bold, attractive and glamorous, for that girls using many styles to look their self stylish, usually we girls are crazy about fashion but when being stylish you should know these disasters of fashion that is not god for your health and working as silent killer, here we are going to tell you about dangerous fashion item that we have use in normal days.

Fashion items that is dangerous for you:

Synthetic Clothes:

Synthetic clothes look stylish but materials are like rayon, acrylic, nylon and many more. Such type of clothes might be convenient and wrinkle free, but can lead to fatigue, headaches, itching, nausea and rashes.

Pointy shoes:

pointy shoes are in trend and most girls are wearing this, especially working girls but but you can suffer from corns and bunions since the toes are pushed together. The problem can get compounded if such footwear is used for a long period of time.

High heels:

high heels are also called as killer heels for good reasons. High heels terribly harms are body or our spine , arthritis, back problems, nerve and hammer toes.

Tight jeans:

Tight jeanses are look hot and make you sexy but it is a scientifically proven fact that wearing tight jeans for a long time can cause nerve damages.

Tight shapewear:

women who are fatty using shapewear to look thinner and to make their belly thin but do you know  feeling crammed, claustrophobic, struggling to breathe and unable to move You might have problems in breathing deeply. This can put pressure on the spine and then lead to heavy back pain.

Fitting bra:

Most of the women wear a wrong sized bra. Due to this wrong decision, such women can experience on neck pain, back and breast pains and too tight bras create difficulties in breathing and blood circulation in the body.

Flip flop flats:

Flip flop flats are so comfortable and everyone using this on a daily basis but it is bad and considered to be worse than heels. It can cause joint pain, orthopedic and shin splints problems.

Bulky Earrings:

We love to wearing earrings different types of earrings but if you are wearing bulky earring but if you are wearing it for a long time it will cause you neck pain and headaches.

Cheap jewelry:

Cheap jewelry are loaded with  poisonous and hazardous chemicals and substances such as Nickel and Chromium that can cause allergic skin reactions.

Yoga pants:

Yoga pants are great in fitting,they give a sporty look. But they can cause nasty health problems such as skin rashes and yeast infections. Yoga pants holds sweat closer to skin for a long time that can cause build-up of bacteria and viruses leading to skin rashes.

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