Summers are here and we are always worried about what to wear and what not to wear we are always trying our best to stay cool. we tend to lean more towards whites and other lighter colours. We most prefer white to wear white colour but what other colours should you have in our wardrobes this season, This list highlights super 8 colours that are so hot right now, you definitely need to try them this summer… that will make you cool and give you another style.

Pastel greens:

Pastels just scream summer, These cool pastel green culottes are a great choice this season. Match them with this accessories  and a pair of comfy wedge heels to complete the look.

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Baby pinks:

Girls love pink colour. So for days when you’re feeling extra girly, choose this pink dress with cute embroidered patches. Match it white or light coloured lace up shoes. This look is sure to work well for a day in college or day party.

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Best Blues:

Shades of green may very well be the colours of the season but This gorgeous teal dress is the epitome of beauty and comfort. You can dress it up with heels and pretty earrings for a date night. Or you can also wear it with a pair of flat pumps for a day to hang out with besties.


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Black will be Royal

People tend to avoid wearing black during summer, but some of us are completely devoted to this royal colour. If you are like one of these people, then you can go for a t-shirt or this long dress.

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Multicolored dresses:

Multicoloured clothing is a bit tricky to pair with anything. It might get difficult to know where to draw the line. This sleeveless top and the skirt will give you perfect look.

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Orange is new fashion

Orange is one of the happiest colours out there. So you can add this sweet orange dress to your wardrobe this year without hesitation. Match it with this small earrings and bracelate. Throw in some pastel plimsolls for a fun day out with your girlfriends.

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Aquamarine blues:

Contrary to popular belief, the colour blue is anything but sad. And this super cute blue dress will make you like barbie doll. You can wear it your next casual Saturday party.

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