We all Indian girls love to wear shalwar suit, because it is comfortable and also gives you feminine and beautiful look, when you wear shalwar-kuti, Anaarkali dress, Chodidar Pajamas and Flairs, Straight Pajamas and many more. There are lots of variety of shalwar suits and Indian dresses.

Latest Trend OF Shalwar suits for Girls:

  1. pink dress: Girls love pink color so if you are going to shop for summer season this could be best choice for you, girls who are curvy and have broad frame should try this kind of dresses because it makes the. thinner and slim, by which you can catch everyone’s eyes.


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2. Purple dress: Purple shade do not look good in every complexion it depends upon your complexion if you have brighter complexion it will look great on you and will enhance your beauty, if you are petite girl use should wear long kameez and chodidaar pajama like this, by which you will look taller.



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3. Bronze and Red suit: Nehru collor is best for short height girls, It gives you taller look and this shade of color will suits every complexion whether you have dark and light complexion.


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4. Anarkali suit: Anarkali dress is ever green and it looks good in every girl, if you are going to shope for summer you can buy cotton or shifon anarkali dress to make yourself totally Indian beauty


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5. Go for Green: Another Anarkali dress for anarkali lovers this sahde is so beautiful and also the best color for summer season because it makes you feel cool and stylsh look, you can wear it in any place like party, college, everywhere.


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6. Hina style: Yeh rishta kya kehlata hain fame Hina Khan is everyone’s favorite if you want to look like her you should buy this dress. Again this kind of stuff make you thinner and taller and beautiful.


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7. love Prachi: Long kameez with straight pajama is in vogue these days, this style has came from karachi suits from pakistan. It gives you beautiful and smart look too.


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9. Best Anarkali suit: If you are going to party you should wear your dress to shin in party, after wearing this lovely dress with simple makeup will more enhance your beauty.



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10. Divider suit: Divider suit are in rage, it comes with big and broad collection, If you want to look stylish you should opt this style of shalwar suit.


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