When it comes to face makeup, most of us will go to amazing lengths in order to find that perfect product. That one foundation, powder or concealer that completely hides spots, minimizes lines and creates an overall flawless finish.

That’s a lot of work for a category of makeup that shouldn’t really get noticed, right? Well, in order to put an end to this madness and to hopefully save you a few bucks, we thought we’d share a list of the top-rated face powders according to our readers.


These powder that we have listed are the best face powder according to many users review. You should buy these product if you want your makeup best and smooth.

So before you set your makeup again, take a gander at the best powders on this list and ask yourself Self, would you say such lovely things about the powder you just topped your foundation with? If the answer is no, it’s time to hit the drugstore aisle or beauty counter armed with this list of best face powders.

Lotus Herbals NaturalBlend Translucent Loose:

Reviewers say this finishing powder is good for oily skin.They describe the consistency as “similar to flour really fine and thin. Reviewers also rave that this product gives a glow to your skin and is actually good for your skin because it doesn’t clog pores. As one reviewer says, Whenever girl want that airbrushed look to blur the lines and imperfections, this does the trick.

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Neutrogena Shine Control Powder, Invisible: 

This powder gives reviewers picture perfect finish. We agree saying it gives them light natural coverage that is flawless.

It’s one of the few products that every girl should have in their bag.It’s great for toning down any crazy-sparkly blush you may have applied, and helps mattify the skin flawlessly. Other readers like the soft, non-cakey finish.

This face powder leaves the most amazing airbrushed and soft-focus finish. This powder does everything it claims it does. It makes your skin look absolutely luminous. Even though it’s a bit pricey, reviewers say a little goes a long way.

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NYC smooth skin powder:

This is a fantastic powder, one excited reader reports. It’s silky, smooth, does not cake and leaves your face looking flawless, Best of all, it’s not expensive and give you best finish.

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Loreal paris translucent powder:

The translucent powder is a perfect color not too pasty, not too bright, and it has great staying power. The powered sugar like texture gives a hint of shimmer for a little glow. It looks really natural. This is the best loose powder I’ve ever used.

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Palladio oil absorbing rice powder:

For the price, this is an awesome product. It really does absorb oil to create a naturally matte finish without making you look dry or like you’re wearing a lot of makeup. It is so natural and it’s easy to use. I have horribly oily skin and this makes it look flawless. It’s very lightweight and does not clog your pores. I love this product.

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Lakme Face Sheer Highlighter, Sun Kissed, :

If you’re going for the I am naturally beautiful look, this is the product for you. It provides sheer coverage without feeling the greatest powder ever because it looks good in pictures, and keeps skin matte all day. Plus, it’s got a silky smooth finish.

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Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte Poreless Powder, Natural Buff:

What great coverage, who claims just a tiny bit was all it took to hide the redness in her skin like magic Not only does it stay put throughout the day, it also. Works perfectly to set your foundation or use alone. It evens your skin tone and disguises imperfections without emphasizing lines.

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Lagure translucent powder:

This lovely scented powder makes my complexion brighter and more even you can use this daily over foundation. seems to cover up everything redness, blackheads and pores. Some readers pooh-pooh the high price, but most say it’s worth the money. It lasts forever. I bought mine a year ago, use it every day, and it still has half of the powder.

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